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Roosth Production Company and Roosth Properties, LLC

Welcome to the Roosth Companies

Roosth Production Company is an independent operator of oil and gas wells and holds an interest in numerous non-operated oil and gas properties. It is the successor operating entity to Roosth & Genecov Production Company established by Sam Roosth in 1939. Sam, a Russian immigrant who supported his seven sons as a baker, began the family’s career in oil and gas in the early days of the booming East Texas Oil Field. In addition to being a drilling contractor and independent oil & gas producer, the Company operated a wax and carbon black plant. In the early 40’s , the Company bought the Kilgore National Bank building, demolished part of the building and drilled through the terrazzo floor on what is now known as the “Worlds’ Richest Acre”, in downtown Kilgore, Texas.

Roosth Properties is the owner-developer and manager of several commercial buildings, retail centers and residential properties in Tyler, Marshall and Victoria, Texas. Today, over seventy-five years later, the descendants of Sam Roosth continue to own and operate the Roosth Companies located in Tyler, Texas.