Oil & Gas

The Roosth family has been in the oil and gas business since the inception of the East Texas Field.  Roosth Production Company has acted as operator, participant and drilling contractor.  Presently, we maintain limited operations in Rusk and Smith Counties, Texas.

Along with our present operations, the Company‚Äôs oil and gas asset group oversees the leasing activities of the mineral assets held by the various family partnerships managed by Roosth Mineral Management, LLC.  The majority of our mineral ownership is located in Texas.

The asset group will review drilling prospects across the United States.  Although our main focus is in Texas, we are a participant in wells located in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Montana and New Mexico.

Our continued growth in the oil and gas sector of the company is in the ability to manage our assets efficiently.  By continuing to participate in quality drilling prospects and the management of our mineral assets, we anticipate continued success.